Monday, June 28, 2010

A Special Post for a Special Person

This doesn't happen often. We just weren't raised in an extremely affectionate household. Yes, I love my parents and I know they love me. But do we tell each other after each phone call? No. Do we embrace each other every time we see each other? No. But we know! So, this post is special in several ways. It will be emotional for me and for my parents. But it has to happen eventually. So, here goes.

Ted Wise, the son.
Ted Wise, the brother.
Ted Wise, the husband, father and grandfather.
Ted Wise, the real estate agent.
Ted Wise, the school board member.
Ted Wise, the sports fan.

Now, it is Ted Wise, the (possible) cancer patient.

My dad is one of those men...the go-getter, the get-it-done, take care of everyone else, nothing can stop me guy. But lately, he has been everything but unstoppable. Sick, weak, blank, hoarse, tired, etc.

I think my mom finally nagged enough to get my dad to the doctor. I will never understand his stubbornness (I am nothing like him!). He went to see an ENT last week. They did a laryngoscopy to see what could be causing his symptoms. Much to our dismay, the doctor found an abnormal growth on his larynx. This growth may or may not be cancerous. Either way they will not do surgery to remove it. But if it is malignant he will have radiation treatment. That is as far as they have gotten at this point.

The plan is to have a biopsy done Wednesday. The plan is to wait on the results of that biopsy and deal with it once the results are known.

Allow me, for a moment, to be melodramatic. I have never thought about my world being turned upside down without my dad. First, I am not sure I can "take care" of my mom like he has. I cannot imagine Presley not having her Papa. Who would I call for directions or the mechanic's number. Yes, I still rely on him that much! Pardon the pessimist in me.

In all seriousness, I pray it's nothing. I pray for results that scream "benign". Will you pray that with me?

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Sara said...

Oh, I will be praying. That's a very scary thing to go through. :(