Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Comparison

Triston: loves rice
Presley: loves rice cereal

Triston: plays baseball
Presley: throws a ball all the time

Triston: smacks his lips when he eats
Presley: ditto

Triston: can tell me what hurts
Presley: just cries and whines and screams 'til I guess what's wrong

Triston: can fix his own breakfast
Presley: cries and whines and screams 'til I fix her breakfast

Triston: can wash himself in the bath
Presley: tries to escape the bath while I wash her

Triston: at (almost) 16 months was walking and talking
Presley: not so much, of either

Triston: makes my heart smile everyday
Presley: ditto

1 comment:

Sara said...

Cute. :) I think there's a lot to be said for first children & their speaking abilities. Zeke was telling me stories and communicating really well at the age Tabitha is at now. Micah was in speech therapy b/c he refused to talk! LOL Now we're somewhere in between with Miss T. She has her own language. *eyeroll*