Sunday, July 10, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover

Ouch! Every move I make hurts. My body is screaming at me to stop and rest but I must get this house in order. I am not sure what will come from it but we are updating this house. Sure, it's in the hopes that we can put it on the market and buy a new one. We shall see!

So far we have pulled up the old flooring in both bathrooms and the laundry. It was the original flooring from 1987. We put down new floors in all three rooms. We took down the shelving in the laundry room and hung new cabinets. We have painted the laundry room, our closet door, and our bathroom door. We have a lot of painting left to do. All the trim in our room, bathroom and the kids bathroom. All the trim is painted an ivory color right now and it is just not nice looking at all!! The shutters have been painted and the vinyl pressure washed, too.

We still have so much to do. But all the big projects are pretty much done. Now it is all a lot of little things that will likely drive me crazy!! But let's just hope it all works out and we can get the heck out of this house...before we all kill each other :)!!!!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

So where are the pictures???