Sunday, July 24, 2011


*Presley came home with this cute little craft from church this morning. Too bad I have no idea what it is and what story it was in reference to.

*Do you know what a bobber is? I do. And I own one now. Got ya thinkin' don't I?

*Why do Presley's size diapers say it goes to 28 pounds but seem too small for my 21 pounder?

*Every time I eat steak, hear Blind Melon, pass the Long Hollow pike exit on 65S, and smell lavender I think of Zach, Daniel's late younger brother who died in a car wreck in 2002 (a month after Daniel and I started dating).

*I can never have too many friends. I have a ton and I just want more! I can see God forming some relationships that are going to be great and I am so excited!!

*I am having a very minor procedure in a couple of weeks that required a consultation with a new OB. When I told her my history and my daughter's current "issues" she was quite concerned about the success and health of another child (if Daniel and I ever get the courage to try!). Guess what. I am not concerned like she is! If it is God's will for us to have another child, we will. If God wants that child to be completely healthy, it will. If God wants that child to have the exact same issues as Presley or more, I will do it all over again. Yep, I will. My strength is not in me alone.

*When did I turn into not-a-dog-person? I don't really like it but it is the way it is.

*There has been entirely too much hurt and tragedy lately. Feverish babies, accidents, death, overall hurt. I don't like it.

*Each and every time I say I am interested in a house that is on the market it gets a contract. It.never.fails. I guess God is in control of that as well, huh?!

*My sun burnt husband is (as he told me) too tan to get burnt while at the pool. Did you get all that?

*That husband will be 33 Tuesday!!

*That's all for now, um, folks! I didn't mean for it to turn into that...sorry Werner Bros.

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