Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Be Warned!

I am going to be honest before reading this post you should be warned! It will be negative, uncalled for, disgraceful, and lacking compassion. If you don't mind that, read on. If you think you might not like it or you might be offended, you know where the door is!

It is Wednesday and for me that means stress and chaos for several reasons. The first of which being that it is the third day of the work week. That would be the third day that I have had to snooze the alarm three too many times only to eventually force myself awake at least two hours prior to when I really want to be. It is the third day that I have had to get three people other than myself to different places all by 8:00. Three days of work until 5:00. Then scooping up two kids from different places. Now, on Wednesdays it means running home, possibly changing clothes, and possibly eating dinner, running out the door within 30 minutes of being home to get to church. Once we are at church I drop one child off downstairs (most of the time she is screaming my name) and I go try to restrain and wrangle 50 "big" kids for an hour and a half of worship and Bible study. Yes, I am a crazy person. Then at 8:00 I beg for parents to take their rambunctious kids only so I can go home with mine. I put all my effort into getting Presley in bed ASAP and Triston bathed and fed (again) so I can C.R.A.S.H!!!

FYI: Here comes the offensive part. Tonight, I did all of this while my darling husband A). laid on the bed looking at the laptop, no doubt something to do with fantasy football and B). moving then to the couch to play some stupid game on his *insert bad word of choice* Ipod!!! My feet are throbbing, my nerves are beyond shot and he is doing what???? Nothing!!!!

Now, I know none of your husbands (or any of you that are husbands) do that, ever. I know I am the only lucky one that gets to live with this!

Those that know me personally know that I am headstrong and feisty in most situations. But this one is one that I tiptoe around. I say nothing, I bite my tongue and I blog!? Call it therapy but I would rather sit here and take all of my frustrations out on this keyboard than to even think about mentioning this problem to him. Pick my battles? I guess. I try to be level-headed and think he is tired from work and needs to relax. But, so do I! Wait, did I mention there are clothes to be folded, put away, and more to go into the washer and dryer? And more than likely, that husband that is in there on the couch playing said Ipod and watching junk TV will be looking for some of those clothes tomorrow morning.

Did I tell you tomorrow is my anniversary??? What are we *read, I* doing, you ask? Laundry! Dishes! Cooking! Cleaning! Chasing a two-year-old and helping a ten-year-old with homework! And that is that. Good night!!!

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