Monday, September 5, 2011

Just a Smile

I am the mother of a little girl who has been through an abundance of "stuff" in her short two years. She was born with two holes in her heart. She would burn her calories from her formula faster than consuming them. In her first six months she only gained four small pounds. And it was at that time that she went under the knife for open heart surgery. My darling six month old had no idea what was going on but her momma sure did.

I remember sitting in her room in ICU watching her. She was just pitiful. She was swollen from retaining fluids. She was scratched up and bloody. She was covered in wires and cords. Her surgery was on a Wednesday. For the first few days afterwards she laid in the bed and I sat by her side. She moved very little and ate next to nothing. She was taking baby steps to recovery. As her mother, I was hurting for her. I was helpless in what I could do for her. So I just stayed with her.

It is forever imprinted in my mind the day (Saturday after surgery to be exact) that I saw her smile for the first time again. It happened to be the same day I got to hold her again too. I waited so many hours to see that smile and there it was. Bright as ever!

I wonder, does God get tired of seeing our sad face? Our hurt face? Our ungrateful and pitiful looks? I know He tells us to be joyful. I know He wants that for us. But I also know that, as I did with my daughter, He doesn't leave our sides until He sees that smile on our face again. He tells us to consider trials as joy. And we think how much worse can these trials get. But He stays with us until the joy returns. He stays with us until He sees us through it.

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. James 1:2

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