Sunday, September 4, 2011

God, my Father, and my Dad

The book I am reading now has a great question section at the end of each chapter. I love it! It forces me to think about the things that I am reading. One of the questions was something to the affect of: How do you relate your God-given father with the Heavenly Father? What is your first memory of your father that you tend to coincide with God the Father?

I am the worst with childhood memories. I remember very little in that aspect of my life. My brother, however, remembers every little detail of everything that has happened. Good thing he teaches history!! Anyway, this morning in church I had a rare remembrance of my childhood and it involved my dad so I was able to make a great illustration and answer one of those questions.

When I was about eight years old we moved to a new house. We built the house on five acres of land so that we could fulfill a dream of my dad's, to have horses. So, we did just that. We got the back few acres fenced in and built a barn and got two horses. One was a pony (that was mine), Blackie. The other's name was Midnight.

Every so often the horses would find a way to break out of the fence or gate and roam the street. I can only imagine they went on great adventures while out and about. However, once we realized they were out my dad would always grab the reins and go out looking for them to bring them back home. I remember him walking through the neighborhood to find them. Reins in hand and on a mission to bring them back to the place they belong. He diligently walked the roads and neighboring yards until the mission was complete. That part is vivid to me because my dad never walks very fast. He always has a slow, moderate pace. Unless he was looking for the horses. Then he walked with a purpose.

So, I started many times do we lose our way? And what does our Father do when we get lost on the path that we create? He makes it His mission to bring us home. When we get off track He just grabs the gear He needs to bring us back so He can take care of us, until we do it again the next time. He just does this over and over again. In my mind, He is purposeful in doing this (just like my dad was). He loves us that much!

My God, just like my dad, will help us get back where He wants us. When we create messes for our lives He cleans them up and welcomes us back in His loving arms. I am so glad that God helped me answer this question. I am also very thankful that the memory I have of my dad relates to my God in a positive way.

I will search for my lost ones who strayed away, and I will bring them safely home again. Ezekiel 34:16 (NLT)

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Shaunna Faye said...

I remember finding a horse in our yard once. Ha ha. I loved going back in the wooded area of your yard where the horses stayed. It was like an awesome adventure back there, although we didn't go back there much because I think your parents didn't want us playing back there. Plus, we had super important trampoline jumping to do. And calling into the radio station to make requests for Deana Carter's Strawberry Wine song.