Friday, June 26, 2009

Thoughts from Thursday

Thursday was one of those days that you need about twelve hours to reflect on all the happenings of the day and then respond to them. So, here are some of the "insights" (if you want to call them such) I had throughout my day yesterday. Take them for what they are worth!

  1. I absolutely hate taking my baby girl to get shots. She cried big crocodile tears and that makes my heart break into little pieces. Not to mention, she is so lethargic the rest of the day and altogether grumpy. It just isn't fair to torture your kids this way. Is it good for them to be vaccinated, right?!

  2. Why do you leave messages for nurses to not call you back? Update: She finally called me back and now the doctor is out of town (why am I not surprised?).

  3. I am so glad I only work a six hour day. If I worked an eight hour day I would be gone from my home and my kids for ten hours. I am in the car for two hours a day and that is not fun for me.

  4. Why is it okay for my boss to get personal phone calls that keep him behind closed doors for well over half an hour hence, leaving one person to take all the calls and leaving our customers on hold for way too long? That should not be allowed. As a matter of fact, I may try it one day and see how he likes it.

  5. God is so good. We go and make all these plans and (IMO) He just laughs at our plans. Daniel has been doing a paper route in addition to his full time day job. The paper route has been such a blessing. It got us through Presley's birth and my maternity leave. And while we could still use the extra income God has provided Daniel with a break. They will be relocating the White House station to Hendersonville. With this change it will not be beneficial for Daniel to continue to do his paper route. What does this mean for Daniel? He gets 7 full nights of sleep!!! I know God will provide our monetary needs to support our family.

  6. Should you share embarrassing pictures of your kids? We had some sunglasses on Presley last night. These sunglasses in particular are not dark tinted so, they look more like reading glasses. They are much larger than her little pea head! It was hysterical looking at her in these over-sized glasses. So, I considered this an incredible Kodak moment. I got my camera ready and snapped a few shots. When I reviewed these photos I nearly fell on the floor laughing. One picture in particular caught my beautiful baby girl (in these over-sized glasses still) with her eyes crossed and her mouth cocked to one side. While Daniel and I had a great laugh at this photo. Our sweet daughter had no idea we were laughing AT her!! So, should I publish this photo? I have your interests peaked now, don't I?

  7. I have a new website I have added to my favorites! It is Urban Dictionary and it is very amusing.

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The Writer Chic said...

Beth, that is SO exciting about the paper route. I'm so happy for you guys!