Friday, June 19, 2009

Working Mom

As I sit here racking my brain for a topic of today's post I find myself falling back to the whole going back to work thing.

My stay-at-home mom journey has concluded and I am officially a working mom. I would rather sit around eating worms than leave my kids with someone else to take care of them for 8 hours a day. I hate leaving them in the mornings. I sit at my desk and stare at the clock, counting down the hours until I get to leave. I dread the thought of missing all the firsts. By the way, if you are keeping my baby and she has a "first" do NOT tell me. Let me think that the first time I see her doing that is the real first. Feed me full of lies to help my conscious.

I sincerely hope that my thoughts about day care'd children are completely false. See, I keep thinking to myself that if I put my child in day care they are going to be introduced to so many "bad" things that we will have behavior issues to deal with constantly (yes, I know we will have behavior issues either way!). I find myself thinking that she will be abused or neglected or chew on some toy that some other child has chewed list goes on and on!

I suppose the biggest obstacle for me is letting go of that control! In my mind I provide the best care for her and I should be the only one providing that care for her. But in reality (my mind is so not reality) there are so many who are very capable of caring for her.

The best thing about going back to work and leaving my kids with others is coming home from work and seeing my kids when I pick them up. And, coming in close second to the best thing, is the people who take care of my kids. They are a God-send and they take such good care of her.

All that being said...I guess I should get back to work!!!

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