Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

My thoughts on the year 2009 coming to end, up to this point, have been nothing less than happiness, excitement, joy, etc. But...

I read this today and my attitude towards the year ending and a the next one beginning changed. I, shamefully, admit that I was humbly put in my place. I have continually looked at all the bad of 2009 and cursed it (at times, cursed at it). But Monica brought me to realize that there was good of 2009. Our friendship is one of the "goods" of 2009. Childbirth, not just the result of childbirth, was a "good". Successful surgery was far beyond a "good".

See, I was focusing so much on all the bad. All the work I missed having a child and having a child that needed open heart surgery. All the sickness that had struck my husband, which led to more work missed. Not to mention the financial stress that missing all that work led us to. But I have resolved to change my perspective of the year 2009. God led me to all the events of 2009, the good and the bad. So, His purpose for bringing those things my way is much more important than my whining and complaining that 2009 sucked (for lack of a better word).

Let these pictures stand for the fact that 2009 was good and 2010 will be even better!

*In no particular order*

Anxiously Awaiting

Friends That Always Make You Smile

Friendships Formed and Framed with Our Father's Love

Bundling Up For a Bumpy Ride

Proud Moments for Momma

Proud Spectators As Well

A Friendship that Stands the Tests of Time

Love at First Sight

A Bonding Experience Like Non-other

A Semi-successful Vacation to Kentucky Kingdom

A Mommy and Daddy Only Trip, too

Two Gifts From God

The Long Awaited Day of Departure (post open heart surgery)

A Somber Moment for Brother and Sister

Our First Easter as a Family of Four

My First Mother's Day

My Pride and Joy

Goodbye, goods and bads, of 2009. Hello, all that is to come, in 2010!

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The Writer Chic said...

Good girl. I never meant to "put you in your place," but I'm proud of you for making a concerted effort to change your '09 perspective. I know it's hard. Love ya.