Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three Hundred and Thirty-Four Days

Today, this little girl has been among us for 334 days...that is 11 months, people! That means that next month will be 12 months...that is a year, folks! And you better believe my wheels are a turnin' to plan the big bash!!

So, this morning our lil' darling has been quite the fussy one. She cried while I fed her breakfast and is just a little irritable. I was curious...I am tellin' ya she just doesn't fuss much. So, I started investigating. She wasn't pulling at her ears, she didn't have a fever, BUT she did finally cut a tooth!! That sounds weird for me to say...I should have said erupted. And, in case you wondered, it is tooth #P (I know P is not a number but primary teeth are identified by letters and permanent teeth by numbers). I digress.

We have taken another big step in my baby's life. She will start an organized daycare next week. She is only going part time but this will be very different (and somewhat exciting) for both of us. You can go ahead and start the prayers for me the morning I drop her off!

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