Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's Compare

She started out small. Only 6 pounds.
She was operated on 6 months later and, only, 4 pounds heavier.

She recovered and is now a healthy, growing girl.

Four months ago, today, Presley had open heart surgery. I was giving her a bath tonight and was in awe of how healthy she is looking. Her color looks better. Her legs are so much fatter. She is more than just skin and bones! The difference is incredible.

I am so proud to say that my daughter is a surviver of congenital heart defect. She is a very special little girl and God must have big plans for her!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Sweet Baby Pretzel.

Sara said...

Her pics just melt me! She's such a beauty & I'm so glad she's thriving post-op! Gotta love the baby rolls! :)