Monday, March 1, 2010

The Update of all Updates

  • I am 8 weeks pregnant
  • My baby girl is 1 year old
  • Said baby girl has had a double ear infection and a stomach virus for the last week
  • I lost my job...

That's the kicker! Yeah, my baby has been sick. That happens. Yeah, I am 8 weeks pregnant (and still have no insurance). That happens. But losing your job on top of all that. That just can't be happening to me.

But I am trying to find the positive of it all. I will soon have insurance, because I am pregnant and unemployed, through the state. I will have said insurance before my scheduled ultrasound next week! Plus, this time of year gets very busy what with baseball season starting and the weather getting warmer and I will be able to be home to keep things rolling!

What's my plan? I don't know. It doesn't really matter what my plan is...God is in control! He has a plan. My wheels have certainly been spinnin' though! Will it be a work-at-home opportunity or a home based child care facility? We shall see. But for now, prayers are appreciated.

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