Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Only Took Like 8 Years

Well, I totally intended on having several new post done by now. But I am sad to announce the passing of my dear friend, Dell, the computer that is.
Presley and I were browsing the web the other night and when we left the room the computer missed us and started calling our name (or something like that). When we could not get it to stop the wretched noise we unplugged it and let is settle for a few.
Then when we attempted to resuscitate it it greeted us with a loud "pop". Not a good noise coming from an expensive electronic product.
Needless to say, my Internet time is limited. Therefore, my blog posting is non-existent. Sorry!
I assure you eventually I will get caught up.
Now, would anyone like to donate to the Beth-needs-a-new-computer-fund?!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Oh, that stinks! We have a 7-year-old Dell in the basement that is on his last legs. Fingers crossed you find a good deal soon!