Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankfulness Abounds

Dedicated to this special holiday season...a post of thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for big shoes that kill big spiders!!

I am thankful for coffee, with yummy creamer, to keep me from dosing off on my way to work!!

I am thankful for sick/vacation days.

I am thankful for warm blankets and fuzzy socks to keep me warm in this igloo that I call home!!

I am thankful that my husband has yet to complain about the lack of home cooked meals lately!!

I am thankful that, at this moment (and it will probably only last a moment longer), it is quiet in my house!!

I am, or used to be, thankful for cameras and computers and the instant gratification that comes with putting my pictures on my computer. Refer to my computer failure post!!

I am thankful for Tylenol and Motrin, mainly Motrin, that bring down my baby girl's 103.5 fever. I will be even more thankful if she can kick this virus before Thursday!!

I am thankful for ice cream and cookies which I am going to make right now!!

Happy Thanksgiving, la la la!!!

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