Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is It Monday Yet?

3/6/11: Very simply put, I am so happy to have a job outside of my home to go to tomorrow. I am not kidding ya'll if I have one more sleepless night caring for the ill and one more day home with the same whiny, grumpy ill ones my sanity will be at stake! I love my family but I love them more when they are well!! Daniel is oh so close to 100% but his medicine makes him very dizzy. Presley, poor Presley. I was only up with her 4 times last night and she was awake bright and early. She napped while we were at church so my day has been spent tending to Ms. Cranky Pants O'Neil. Right now she is crashed on her daddy snoozin'. I think I see another wakeful night. Pray for me, ya'll! But really, I get to go back to work tomorrow. While I know God gifted some people to stay home with their kids and take care of their homes each day, he did not bless me with that. I am very thankful to have a workplace to go to and escape a little bit of this madness. I am equally thankful for very qualified caregivers for my kids. I know everyone is where they should be!! And I am ready for all of us to be there...ASAP!!!

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