Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Saturday, By Any Other Name

3/5/11: Oh, Saturday! Lazy I love thee!! A yummy breakfast, a fairly well husband, a fever-free boy and then there is Presley. After a quick trip to Urgent Care she finally has an antibiotic for this massive ear infection she has had. She is in pretty good spirits when her fever is down but otherwise she is pitiful. Sad face! This evening I actually got my "patient" out of the house for a quick dinner (think 30 minutes for Mexican white cheese and entree) and a marriage conference put on by our church. The speaker was Joe McGee. You should google him. He is quite entertaining! They even gave away door prizes which we won! A date night, how convenient, dinner and a movie gift card. Very nice!! My little hubby is getting to be pretty lucky (he won a TV at his Christmas party)! I am serious this was a lovely Saturday. I love family days!

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