Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Could Be Worse

3/3/11: While I may get off the positive beaten path with this post I promise it will end well. After a sleepless night of Presley falling out of her bed, rising entirely too early, and Triston ailing with some mysterious pains my compassion has been put to the test for sure. This morning Daniel has Septoplasty done to repair a deviated septum. It was overwhelming for me to see him coming out of anesthesia. He is the man of the house and is supposed to tough and strong and there he was completely out of his element. But I will press on and I will continue to see the good in it all!! This was something that needed to be repaired. The ENT told me he was not surprised that Daniel could not breath well. He said one side of his nose was completely closed up. Thank goodness for doctor's who can detect things like this. Thank goodness for facilities that take payments :)!! Thank goodness for a very strong husband who can withstand such an excruciating procedure without one complaint!!