Thursday, July 2, 2009

All in God's Time

Last night was our third session of our new ladie's bible study, The Sacred Echo. I have really enjoyed this study. We get very deep in learning about our prayer life and how God feels about us praying. Last night our video was about waiting on God to answer our prayers. There were several questions she mentioned that really hit home for me. And before we got far in the video God started speaking to me. You know what happens when God better listen. So, I turned my attention off the video and listened to God's wisdom for some time.

God began showing me answers to questions I have had for the past five or so years. As some of you may know (and probably figured out) when Daniel and I started dating it was not your ideal situation. Daniel was a bit of a wild child. He was into some pretty "evil" things. He never put me in danger and always looked out for me when we were together. But he could not get himself out of the lifestyle he had created for himself. I worried constantly for him and his well-being. I prayed continuously for him to let go of it and let God change him.

I remember praying each time he would walk out the door..."God give him strength tonight. Please help him to not fall into temptation." Almost everytime those prayers were returned to me unanswered. 90% of the time he had let us down.

I don't remember the time or the place or how it happened but, I remember that God made me a promise. He assured me that He would work on this man (who was acting quite childish). He was going to get a hold of him and change his life remarkably. I heard God loud and clear and I trusted that He would do that. I did not know when or how. I know I doubted Him from time to time. I know I had friends and family that thought I was crazy. But God didn't promise my friends and family. He promised me that He would work and not to give up. So, I didn't give up. I listened. I stayed. I wondered where God was after about five years of waiting. How could God make me a promise and not fulfill. He had not shown up yet when was He going to?

Again, I don't remember the time or place or the exact day but I know now that God came through. He turned that "child" into a man. He broke down those walls and Daniel allowed Him to work. He allowed God to take control and help him realize his mistakes. God had His own timing. He didn't do it on my timing. I had to wait for Him. It was not a fun wait but it was worth the wait.

Thank you, God for answering my prayers. Thank you for taking your time. I know the trials and turmoil that Daniel and I went through (and survived) were all for a reason. Thank you for not letting me give up on him. Thank you for continuing to work on both of us.

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The Writer Chic said...

Ironic that He spoke to you about this last night, when we'd just talked about it a few hours before in relation to next weekend. He is good, Beth, always. Talk to you soon!