Monday, July 13, 2009

The Craziest Lull

I was thinking about how things have been kind of slow lately. No major doctor's appointments or tragic events or dramatic occurences in the last week or so. Now, with that being said, I think back and realize it has been a crazy slow period. I guess crazy isn't always a bad thing. In this case, it has not been so bad. I guess I am just realizing how tiresome it is to have two kids, a job outside the home, and a husband who works two jobs. (Props to all moms!!)

What made me realize this today? As I was running out of the house (yelling at my babysitter, my dad!) all I could see was how high the dishes were stacked in the sink and how the trash had not been taken out in two days and how the ants were making there way back into my house. Triston's breakfast has become a breakfast on the run, as he eats it he car on the way to camp! I think he actually enjoys that! But I don't. Presley has been waking up about the time I need to get in the shower each morning. So, I am usually dressing with one hand while Daniel tries to catch up on his sleep. I am counting down the days for him to be finished with that paper route!

So, Friday night we met some friends and took the kids to the drive-in movie. Ice Age 3 was playing and it was pretty cute. It was a little difficult to focus on the movie with all the chaos around but it was a fun time. Everyone in my house (except Presley and I of course) slept late on Saturday. So, Andrea and I met up (and ran into another friend to run with) for a second week in a row to run. We attempt running anyway. The first time we ran we made it about half a mile running and walked the rest of the way. But Saturday we made it a quarter of a mile longer running. We are making a little bit of progress. It is amazing to us that at one point we ran 4 miles and in the snow!! We will get back to that status soon, Andrea!

So, the rest of Saturday was a cluster of events that all seem to run together in my mind. I had to go to the store after running. Then, we were having friends over Saturday night for the UFC fights. I had to get home and prepare food for that night and get the house clean. Which as you can tell from the first paragraph did not last very long! So, Paul and his kids came over and we ate some yummy chicken wings, thanks Daniel, and cookies while we watched a series of two men beat up on each other. Believe it or not it is pretty entertaining!

Sunday was a drag after staying up late watching the fights. We let Daniel sleep and me and the kids headed to church. That was a chore in itself. Two kids, two bags, a bible and a baby in a carrier. That was my work out for the day. Triston stayed in service with me and he was so well-behaved. A far cry from what happened about a month ago (the last time he was in service with me). So, as soon as Daniel woke up I traded places with him and napped for two hours. I got woke up abruptly so that we could leave and go eat at Daniel's parents' . This was a surprise to me. I guess Daniel forgot to tell me about these plans! Best thing about that is that I did not have to cook, yay!! We came home and endured a nice thunderstorm and headed off to bed. It was a tiring but fun weekend. Luckily, I am off tomorrow to stay home with my baby! Then Wednesday it is back to Ms. Vickie's house!!

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The Writer Chic said...

Yea for a day off...and T WAS so good yesterday -- even the two times you were paged out of the service! ;)