Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now that's a Saturday Morning!!

Our Saturday mornings have let a lot to be desired for the last few months. They consisted of me shushing the kids so Daniel could sleep or tip-toeing around the house to get them breakfast or trying to get a few zzz's myself.

Well, we have finally fulfilled a worthwhile Saturday morning! Complete with a baby who slept until 8 ish and an 8 year old who slept until 9 ish, a few minutes of lounging around in bed laughing at Presley, then we ALL got up to fix our Saturday morning breakfast!!

How long has it been since we have had a good ol' breakfast on Saturday morning....I can't recall the last time (possibly Christmas!). Yummy pancakes (with the help of my flipper, Triston), some crispy bacon, and eggs! And of course after we had our scrumptous meal Presley needed her's too. She ate some apple sauce and went immediately down for a nap.

So, to complete my unbelievable nothing!! Well, if you think nothing is laundry and cleaning and grocery storing and finishing Daniel's birthday shopping! Hey, for me that is nothing.

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