Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blended Bliss

For all who care...I have given myself a virtual reprimand and I will not let my blogging days be so far and few between again. In my defense, we were out of town for a few days and I made a promise to myself not to get on that computer in the lobby of our hotel. If I was on vacation then I was vacating from the computer as well! However, I cannot say the same for my computer-addicted hubby who went each morning and night to check out his beloved Vols update!! I will have pictures and stories to come later. My post today is much deeper than a trip to Six Flags. Oh, I bet you are on the edge of your seats!!

As I sat last night feeding Presley and rocking her to sleep I listened to the background noise and began thinking. I never imagined "blended" family life could be this good. You can only imagine my expectations after hearing stories of step-siblings poisoning each other and step-parents/biological parents fighting in the front yard. It was a scary thought for me. But boy has God blessed us with blended happiness.

I cannot explain to you the feeling I get when I see Triston smile at his "half" sister, at the joy he has when she smiles at him, and when he so eagerly volunteers to hold her or help in anyway. Each night when I rock her he slips the door open and whispers, "You want me to turn the light off?" I nod and watch him walk away with pride in the fact that he has done something to help get his baby sister to sleep.

I adore that at bedtime each night I get a kiss and an I love you from my "step" son. I am just as dependant on that routine as Triston is. I know that I am not his mother but that doesn't stop me from loving him like he is my own. And it doesn't stop him from needing me to be a mother figure for him.
So, is blending a family ever a good thing?? If you ask me it is!! Did I ever think it would turn out this good?? Heavens no!! Would I have it any other way?? Absolutely not!!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

So sweet! You are an awesome mother to make the blendedness not even an issue.