Tuesday, August 25, 2009


That is it...that is the last punch I am going to take today. Today yours truly has been nothing but a punching bag. I have taken one to the ribs, an uppercut on the chin, and an enormous right hook that left a pretty shiner!! If you don't believe me just listen. If you don't care to know then go away. Sorry it is just my sentiment today!

Maybe I should begin by explaining that yesterday I had to leave work on short notice and take Presley to get her 6 month immunizations. She could not get them on the scheduled date of the 31st due to it being to close to surgery. So, after that lovely event I was on my way to get Triston and got pulled over for speeding. I could not be too upset as I knew I was speeding and I had the nicest police officer give me the nicest ticket ever! But I still got a ticket.

So, fast forward...

Today I was on my way to work and low and behold another police officer and yes, another speeding ticket. Much to my surprise, he was just as nice as the previous officer. I really liked them, besides the little pink ticket they left me with. I know, SLOW DOWN!

I trek a little further, and much slower, down the road and the phone calls began. First, my sitter. Then, the school. And they proceeded in this order until around 11:00.

I will do my best to explain. As I mentioned in several other posts, Presley will be having a blood transfusion during her surgery. There is a program called direct donor where blood relatives or anyone really can give specifically for Presley. My sitter was calling to inform me of the information she got when she called the red cross to schedule her appointment. It is really a long story and a very complicated situation. To keep it short, I had to call the red cross before any of Presley's donors could schedule their appointment. I called them about 9:00. I heard from them about 12:30. Yeah, nothing like a timely response.

But that is not even what started the day off so wonderfully. As I said, the school was calling me as well. We have started a new regiment with Triston and his medicine where he takes half of a dose in the middle of the day. Well, if I had known that it was going to be such a hassle to get that done I am not sure I would have put forth the effort. Let me just say I talked to the school secretary twice, the school nurse twice, the after-school care twice, and Triston's doctor once. All for a silly pill. Give me a break. You will be glad to know it is taken care of. No worries (now anyway).

Back to the red cross. After waiting half the day I finally got the return call that everyone was so anxiously awaiting. I spoke with a woman whose name should have been, Mrs. Nopersonality Atall!! She asked me several questions and waited ever so impatiently for my answers. I learned that instead of having a plethora of donors I now only have 2 "definites". And I have a feeling that could change at any point. My sitter can't give because she will be out of town the week before surgery and she cannot give more than 7 days before surgery. My hubby can't give because, well you remember that tattoo!! Back to square one...trying to find donors with the right blood type.

I have a theory. God is keeping me on my toes until September 9th so that at that time I will be so thankful for a break in the action. Well, let's all hope so!!


The Writer Chic said...

Oh Beth....I'm so bummed about your tickets. But glad that you are SAFE. And I'm sorry about the blood, too. I hate giving blood, but would do it daily for Presley. What type do you need? Please let me know. Jim and I would both be happy to give. Love you.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Aw, man. Tickets are no fun, mainly bacause the traffic school is sooooooooo boring. So did the second cop ask how long it had been since your last ticket and did you have to say YESTERDAY! At least the school was calling about the pill and not bad behavior. We got out first stick today for "acting crazy and getting out of his seat yelling". Yikes!