Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Impressions

We had the dreaded pre-op consultation with the surgeon on Monday. I don't recall if I mentioned in the previous post but my anticipation for this visit was that it would be a comforting and informative one. failed miserably to be either of those things.

When we arrived in the waiting area I grew very nervous. I tried my hardest not to show it though. Presley was getting sleepy. So, I swept her away from her daddy (who was more interested in his frappuccino) and rocked her. It didn't take long for my baby girl to crash on my shoulder. We sat a few moments longer until a very bubbly middle-aged lady said it...Presley. With a big smile on her face she embraced us and began the ever-so-familiar ooh's and ahh's! Yes, we know she is is this over yet?! Cynicism not appreciated, I know.

So, we proceeded to follow said nurse to her office. In all honesty, I am very glad she was so friendly. She really did make it easier on me to be going through all of this. She took Presley's blood pressure and oxygen levels then she weighed her. Now, my lil' sweetie has not been weighed in three weeks and at that time she weighed 10 lbs and 3 oz. So, Monday she weighed (yep, you guessed it) 10 lbs and 3 oz. She has not budged an ounce in three weeks. CONFIRMATION!!

Then she seated us and we continued to wait for the surgeon to come talk with us. Dr. Christian entered shortly thereafter. She was a petite lady with flashy red reading glasses. She was very direct. Hi my name is and this is why we are here and this is what will happen and these are the risks and have a good day. Not what this mom wanted at all! This mom wanted to be coddled. Yes, that is right, I wanted her to hold my hand and tell me it's gonna be okay. I wanted her to interact with my baby girl and tell her it's gonna be okay.


Some of the new things that I learned:
1. Surgery will last 4-5 hours
2. Her in incision will be horizontal under her breast bone
3. There is an open policy in PCICU for me to stay with her as much as I would like or physically can
4. She will be in PCICU for 2 days and in the hospital 4-7 days (this was the best news we got all day)
5. She may have something wrong with her valve as well (I didn't get much info on this even though I asked about it)
6. She will need a blood transfusion and we can give blood if we are compatible

With this appointment behind us, let the stress begin. I feel more stressed and distraught now than I did before. I figure this feeling will stay with me until the day of surgery at which point I will LOSE it! I am not so good at asking "you" to pray for me or my family but I suppose the time has come. Please remember us. The big day is 9-9-09.


The Writer Chic said...

Beth -- I know it is so hard to ask for things in the face of trauma such as this. BUT. Please, if there is anything at all....sit with you at the hospital, take Tristan to the park, update your blog...please, please, please just ask. I love you....

Jessi Knack said...

I am praying for you, your family, the doctors & nurses involved and especially for Presley. She is in HIS hands and I pray that you are comforted by that. If you need anything please let me help. I adore Pres and I would be Blessed to help you guys in ANY way that I can.

Rachel said...

This sounds almost exactly like Scarlett's pre-op consult.

The next few weeks will continue to be hard and slow down. The surgery and time after is really nothing compared to what you are going through now...and you will be amazed at how much stronger you are than you think you are. We'll be praying for your little girl. She'll do great.