Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Any of you that know me well, know that my favorite time of the year is football time! It consumes me (well, after my children of course). I mean I have butterflies in my stomach just writing the words!

This is what our Football Season 2009 looks like:

Tuesdays are WHMS football. My brother is an assistant coach for these guys so I have an extra connection! As a matter of fact they already have a win in the books. They beat Portland (east) Tuesday 26-0!!

Thursdays are college games on TV! Usually no one that we really care about but hey, we wait all year for this time and we are not going to let it go to waste!!

Fridays are my fave (or at least a tie for my fave). We are underneath the Friday Night Lights on these nights. It is somewhat special in that Daniel and I both were member of our high school's team. He was several years before me as a kicker. A heck of a kicker if I might add!! And I followed a few years later as one of the team managers! I still get chills watching the Big Blue run out on the field on Friday nights. I just know this year is going to be another great year for our guys!

Saturdays are the MAIN EVENT!! Our Saturdays are filled, literally filled, with all the football one could watch in a day. We wake up to the SEC games on the local channel. Then we watch the prime (midday) game, then it's the prime (evening) game! We cookout and eat snacks and open the windows and veg out to the roar of the crowd and the sound of helmets crashing!

Now, one Saturday this year we will be in the Sea of Orange about 3 hours east of here! We are going to the very first UT game under Coach Lane Kiffin! We are oh so excited about it. And it's only 2 and a half weeks away! It could not get here any faster if you ask me.

Sundays are always the Pros. We usually only get into watching our beloved Titans. But always like to see a good match up. We think this is our year for the super bowl!!

I love me some football and it is almost here!!!

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