Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Like Romans

So, lately its seems my post have been bad news after bad news after bad news. Well, I think it is finally time to hear some good things. See, it is just like Romans! We are doing a Bible study with friends from church on the book of Romans. We have made it through all the bad news and now we are working on the good news. Praise Jesus that there is good news!!

So, since it has been nearly three weeks since our trip to Louisville I thought I would post my pictures from our trip. We had a great time. We made several memories that at the time were a bit frustrating. But they make for good stories now. We stayed in the backyard of Kentucky Kingdom, literally! We could wake up and look out the window at the big roller coasters.

When we arrived we immediately set out for our first adventure. We went to the Louisville Zoo. It was pretty awesome! We got to see gorillas up close and personal. The boys liked seeing the snakes...ew, gross! Triston loved the tiger and fox. And Presley, well, she crashed in Daddy's arms. She didn't get much else out of it!!

Then day two consisted of a very tired mommy getting everyone up and heading to Kentucky Kingdom shortly after it opened. Why was this mommy so tired? Well, other than vacations are not very relaxing with children, my baby girl decided she didn't much like sleeping in that hotel room. She was awake quite often that first night. But we ventured on. It was really hot out but the wind in our face from those roller coasters really helped. We did end up standing in line awhile and sometimes with no reward at the end. Several of there rides were having technical difficulties. But all-in-all we enjoyed plent of rides. That night Daniel and I decided we would not keep Presley there the rest of the trip. She was very hot and very sleepy and just not comfortable. I had my parents meet me halfway (oh, the lenths grandparents go to) to get Presley. Little did I know that Lousiville DOT had different plans for me! They had about a twenty mile radius of the interstate shut down from 4 lanes to 1. So, yes, my screaming baby and I rode about 1 mile per hour for about an hour and a half and my parents went a bit over halfway. It was one of those this-is-so-bad-all-I-can-do-is-laugh about it things. But it was worth it the next day when we all three could enjoy the park together.
Tris entertaining baby sis!!
Daddy rode this ride and I was freaking for him!!
Peek-a-boo I conquered my fears and rode this ride. Turned out pretty fun! Daddy and Tris are in the back cart! So, the third and final day of our mini-vacay consisted of water slides; some great and some not so great. We got to ride one altogether. Which I think was my favorite! Then we got our tubes and headed down the individual slides. The second of which was not a crowd pleaser. It was pitch black and none of us enjoyed that. But we finished the day riding the faves and eating some good food. We decided to head home early and not stay the last night. That traffic taught us a lesson!! But we made it home in time for Presley's baby dedication at church which went off without a hitch! She looked beautiful of course!!

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