Friday, September 11, 2009

But First...

***Update as of 10:25. The docs have made their rounds and set an agenda for today. They will do another blood transfusion today as well as an ultrasound on her upper extremities. They want to make sure she is not clotting. They have her on extra potassium as it was low this morning. They will remove her central line and her folly (Sp?) so she will pee in her diaper. She seems very uncomfortable. She has a lot of "junk" in her chest and is trying to cough it up. They informed me that she is where most babies would have been yesterday...she is a day behind.

I have a pretty big update on P head but first...

I must rave like raving has never been done. This is what I had for breakfast/lunch yesterday at the hospital:
OH MY! My first taste of Gigi's cupcake and I fell in love! I cannot tell you the joy it brought to me despite all the blahness (read crap) going on right now. Yes, I am spending long days and nights in the hospital while my baby girl tries to recover from open heart surgery. But when you got friends like this that go out of their way to bring you joy-in-a-huge-chocolate-cupcake like this, all things seem better. Thanks, friend!!! :)

Now, the update. Last night was a little rough. As the day progressed Presley grew very swollen. She looked like a teeny tiny oompa loompa!! That's not funny, I know. They were giving her a lot of diuretics and the girl would not pee! They pulled out the handy-dandy ultrasound to find the problem and find it they did. She, obviously, was retaining a lot of fluid. All this fluid on her abdomen was putting pressure on her kidneys and not allowing them to work correctly. So, what did they do? Another stinkin' procedure. Just when you think you have given your child up for all the surgeries she can stand, you're wrong. You have to give her up again.
So, they placed a drainage tube in her stomach to release the fluid. It instantly drained about 6 ounces of fluid off my baby's belly. Ah, relief!!! She looked like a totally different child. It was amazing. She slept pretty good through the night but woke up cranky this morning.
She did eat some this morning and that seemed to ease her fussiness! But when her surgeon came in this morning, she was not impressed. She said Presley is taking her sweet time recovering. She said her belly is still too puffy for her liking and her eyes are as well. It is looking like we will spend another night in the PCICU. By the way, Daniel and I did not get a sleep room last night so we have communal living and it was very strange for me. Ew!


The Writer Chic said...

Oh honey....if I could fix it all with Gigi's, I would. I can't wait til we can take Seth and Presley there for a celebratory "breakfast"! Love you!

Karen Shelnutt said...

Well we will just pray harder and you eat as many Gigi's as it takes to get this precious child well and out of PCICU and into her own room.
Much love to you all throughout your day, Great Aunt Karen

Angela said...

We live about 2 1/2 hours away from Nashville, so when we were there last October, there were no family or friends to come by and see us. (Actually, it was kind of nice b/c to me too many visitors are just plain overwhelming despite their kind intent.) ANYWAY, there was one lady from our church who was up there with her husband (who had an appt at Vandy) and she dropped off two Tupperware containers FULL of homemade goodies that sustained us for days!! It was fabulous!!!!

Sorry about the procedure. In retrospect, it's a good thing b/c it will help her heal, but it's never fun to have to do more stuff.

Hope you post some pics of her sweet face soon!!

And hope you get a sleep room tonight!!

Valerie said...

Sending continued prayers to your peanut!

Sara said...

Holy cupcake!!! I want a bite! Continued prayers for the swelling to go down & the recovery to move a weee bit faster.