Saturday, September 12, 2009

Restless and Weary

I just don't have the energy to say much today. I will say I have the best friends in the world...dinners and lunches and visits keep my spirits up. Thanks you guys...I love you!!

As for P head she is doing ok. She is still retaining a lot of fluids. Her kidneys are just taking their sweet time getting back to work. She is still draining from what they PD drain that was done Thursday night. I stayed in her room last night with her but didn't sleep much. What can I say, no one can take care of you baby to your standards.

The plan for today is to remove the tubes from her chest. That in itself is a blessing. I got to hold her yesterday but this will make it easier to hold her. They are also adding another diuretic to try to get her to urinate. Of all things I am in shock that this is the issue we are dealing with...peeing! But they do foresee us being in PCICU for still another night. That frustrates me but I know it is for the best. I pray we get a room again tonight so that I can sleep in it this time!!

I will post if anything drastic happens throughout the day. Thank you all for making this so much easier on me. Your prayers are not overlooked. And I love reading all your comments...the cupcakes were demolished yesterday!!! And I hope to get some pictures up soon. Internet access here is a joke!!!!


Amy Valentine said...

I will be praying that Presley starts really improving today! Also, that you will be able to get some rest tonight.

~Amy (friend of Monica)

Angela said...

I'm so sorry she is having issues with her kidneys! Hopefully she'll be peeing normally in no time. :)

I hope she got the chest tubes out! They may have told you this, but they told us that when older kids have this surgery (and can verbalize what hurts and what doesn't), they always say that the chest tubes are painful and there is a lot of relief when they're removed.

I do remember that the Internet while we were there was okay, but to upload pictures to Blogger took FOREVER!!!!

The Writer Chic said...

Oh Beth -- My heart is so heavy with yours. I don't know what time we'll be back in town in Sunday, but I'll be up Monday to see you for sure. We love you.

Karen Shelnutt said...

Prayers and love your way tonight and tomorrow.

Great Aunt Karen

Sara said...

Oh, sweet heavens. Continued prayers for healing, patience, comfort and peeing!!!