Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Never Ending Roller Coaster that is Open Heart Surgery...

~Update as of 6:00 pm...No room tonight. They did not get an open room on the 6th floor so we will be staying in the freaking PCICU again. Sorry for the disgust but that it just stinks!! I was so pumped for her to have her own personal room. I know she does not know the difference but I do!!! Anyway, they said if they anticipate her leaving on Tuesday she may just be discharged from the PCICU. She has been fussy this evening and not eating as much but I am hoping it is not going to be a big deal.

on our six-month old baby. Will she EVER get through this. Unfortunately for you, I will tell you about yesterday first and then get to what has transpired today. Sorry to those of you who like to read the last page of the book first!

I had been with Presley for a few hours yesterday morning when I left her side so they could remove the tubes that were draining from her incision. As they were fidgeting with them she was getting quite irritable. I knew it was causing her some pain.

Once they finished removing the tubes Daniel and his dad went back to see her. It wasn't too long after that that Daniel's dad came to get me. My heart sunk as he said she was not doing well. All sorts of thoughts races through my head as I waited to go back to her. When I saw her room around the corner I could see the doctor giving her oxygen. When I arrived at her side she was grayish. She was very short of breath and struggling to breathe. I got the story from Daniel that she did well with the removal of the tubes. She fell asleep for a short while after that was done and then woke up fuzzy. Daniel proceeded to feed her and she could not keep her breath while she was eating. She got choked on her food and turned a disturbing color of purple. The doctor walked in the room at that very moment. He got things settled down and began to assess what the problem could be. Is there air on her chest? Is it reflux?

He ordered a chest x-ray and we waited. The x-ray showed that there was no air on her lungs. They would continue to monitor her for the reflux. Whew. Next...

Daniel and I left to get some dinner and watch a little of the UT game. When we arrived back at the hospital Presley was sleeping well. She had not eaten yet again but she was comfortable. We spent some time with her and were waiting on the edge of our seats to see if we would get a room or not.

As the night nurse did her assessment she notice that Presley's heart beat was becoming irregular. She was missing a beat all to often. Her bandage from the removal of the tubes was oozing blood a bit too much and she was just acting abnormal. The nurse said her intake/outtake was so much better (she was releasing enough fluids) which was a great sign. But now all these new things kept popping up.

They ran some labs and performed an EKG. She was low on some electrolytes because of all the diuretics was on and it was causing this irregularity. They changed the bandage on her chest and it seemed to clear up so that was not longer an issue. But they said she needed to be NPO (no food) for the time being because of her heart beat.

We ended up getting a room and having a fuss about who would sleep in it (and I won) but we slept none-the-less!!!

This morning we went in to see our precious girl and the new day nurse appeared like an angel out of the Heavens. We so badly needed good news and she had that indeed. Her heart rate became regular as of 1:00 A.M. She had eaten at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00 A.M. Her swelling was almost completely gone. She would get to be moved to her own room if one person gets discharged!!! I could have jumped out of my skin after hearing this news. My happy dance started and it is still going!!!

Not too long after that she woke up to our voices and began playing with us. She smiled twice at Daddy and of course I did not have the camera ready! But I cannot tell you how much we needed to hear this. They said as long as things remain this good she could go home Tuesday!!! Praise be to Jesus!!!! I could dance down in the aisle right now!!

So, roller coaster?? Yes!!! Fun?? Not always. Worth it?? Absolutely!!!


Angela said...

Oh, I know it's such a rollercoaster!! Still praying for all of you!!

Sara said...

My goodness! Saturday sounds like a nightmare. :( I'm so so SO glad that things are starting to look up!! YAY for baby smiles! :)

Stephani said...

YAY!!! We will keep praying that things go well so that Tuesday will be "go home" day!!! I'm so glad that she is doing better...I can't imagine the emotional rollercoaster you guys have been on the past several days.