Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Do You Think?

So, who do you think she looks like?? We get mixed reviews. I have my opinion but I will wait to share.

Does she look like her Momma??

What about her Daddy? (I love how far we have come in picture quality since the 70's!)

And just for fun, here is a pic of Bubba. Do they resemble? (Of course we know if they do then it is common sense that her Daddy is the winner of the look-a-like matter!)


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I see Tris a lot, but I think she is a beautiful combination of you both!!

The Gregory's said...

She is such a mix of you all, but I for sure see Daniel...she is a cutie! ;-)

The Writer Chic said...

I agree with Andrea -- she is a perfect blend.

Angela said...

I love the comparison pics!!! I agree--I can see both of you! :)