Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here goes...

I have a lot to update!! I don't even know what day it is!! Sunday was a day of great rejoice. Monday was a day of greater rejoice!!

Like I said in the last post, I thought we would end up being discharged from the PCICU. Well, much to our surprise we got a room on Monday! Woohoo!! Presley was in shock as we rolled down the hallways to her room on the 6th floor. Presley took her time getting oriented with her new cute!!!

But it didn't take long for her to realize she did not really like it there. She got very fussy as the evening went on. My theory...she is aware that she is on her back and she will not sleep on her back!! I listened to her cry for so many hours and doctors wanting to try everything to not medicate her that my patience wore thin. I was forced out by my mom that night! She made me leave and get some rest without a baby crying in the background!

When I arrived Tuesday morning they had removed her drainage tube from her stomach and she seemed to be much better and more mobile!!! When they checked her vitals, however, her fever was up and they were unsure why. They drew more blood and placed a catheter to check her urine for infection. They gave her some Tylenol and her fever broke some throughout the day.

But by 8:00 Tuesday night it was back. At this time, they decided to start her on IV antibiotics. The first dose went off without a hitch. The second one, not so much. The second medication is "hard on the veins" and can cause itching and redness. Well, you know how it goes, if it can happen it will happen to her! She got itchy and extremely fussy. At around midnight, the nurse gave her some Benadryl. Ah!!! Sleep!!! For an hour anyway. As they came into the room for one thing or another each hour.

Presley ate like a champ around 2:30, 5 ounces to be exact. And, yes, that is double what she was eating prior to surgery.

So, Wednesday morning reared it's ugly head as quickly as Tuesday night faded away. I listened in on the "rounds huddle" only to find out that the earliest we could go home would be F-F-Friday. Yeah, you heard me right, Friday. That is two days from now. That is two more nights of that sleep. That is two more days of my baby girl being poked and prodded. Two more days of laying on her back getting more and more restless.

As of today, I have been at the hospital most of 7 days. So, I took it upon myself to leave and head home for a few hours. Ya know, shower in my own shower, lay on my own couch, and whatever you do when you are at HOME!!

So, they will keep her on the antibiotics for 48 hours and then she must be fever free for 24 hours. That means that even though they say Friday if my girl decides to keep that fever even after antibiotics we will be here even longer.

I have appreciated all the prayers and virtual hugs. And I will beg of you not to let those fade. I am so ready to get my baby home and trust me, she is ready too!!


The Blatchford Family said...

I hope you guys are home soon! Our longest hospital stay so far, has only been 4 days, and we were so glad to be home afterwards! It makes the whole world brighter that is for sure. Good luck with the fever. I hope she is feeling all better soon.

Angela said...

UGH! I hope they find out soon what the deal is so she can go home! We were in the hospital for a week I think. Can't really remember. LOL

I *totally* remember "that sleep." It's horrid. My hubby and me both on that tiny bed. Blood draws at 4 a.m. Pacing the floors. The. Endless. Beeping.

Makes being back at home after it's all over SO nice. Hope you get to go soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Genna came down with a fever a few days after her bladder surgery years ago when she was two--it freaked us a bit then (it was the weekend; not a lot of doctors around), but they fixed her up fine and look at her now. I know the wait seems forever. I hope you get home sooner than sooner.
Love, Great Aunt Karen

The Writer Chic said...

Oh Beth....

I am so sorry that our light at the end of the tunnel has been dimmed for a bit. I was so looking forward to being the one to bring you Presley's welcome home dinner.

I am glad to hear that you were able to come home, if only for a few hours. I'm glad I resisted the urge to head down to the hospital today, as you woudn't have been there!

I'm bummed that I won't be here to welcome you all home, when that day FINALLY comes, but know I'm just a phone call away, and I can't wait to usher in October with you and put all this drama behind us! Here is to healthy babies!

Sara said...

Oh, Beth. What a nightmare for you. *hugs* Continued prayers for all sorts of healing!

Sara said...

Fingers crossed & prayers to you that today is the day you get to bring your sweet baby girl HOME! :)