Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't tell Mom I Snuck on her Blog...

"8 days, Momma, and I will be all fixed!" "This tree is for my friend Duncan. He is watching me grow from Heaven. I love him so!" "Nonna got a little taste of the wonder that is me! I think she liked me!!"

"I like yellow. It is the color of my room. I like to look at the lady bugs that look like they are crawling on my wall. I sometimes laugh out loud at them!"

"I also like orange. I think my daddy makes me like orange. Something about a football team and a rocky top. I guess I will understand one day."

"I am a fan of brown things, too. Like my dog Scooby, ya know he walks different that everyone else in my house. And the sock monkey that my Nana and Poppa got me when I was first born, it is brown too. So is my momma's hair!"

"I went and watched the Blue Devils play football Friday night. They beat Portland real bad and it was fun to watch."

"So, like I said, my surgery is in 8 days. I have no idea what to expect. I know my mom is real worried and my dad always tries to make her feel better. I know my Bubba is praying for me lots, too. I know that Dr. Christian will take good care of me. Mom and Dad had some friends that made them feel much better about her. They know she is good at her job! I think the stay in the hospital will be fine. I will have a big ole room all to myself. And lots of nice people taking care of me. I know that I will be really sleepy, too. I wish they could give some of that sleepy medicine to my parents. I think they might need it! I know I will have lots of friends and family there to help my mom and dad get through this. They talk about this often. They are so thankful for these people. It helps them to take better care of me! I guess I am not so scared about surgery. I just know I will feel so much better afterwards. And, hey, I may sleep through the night now!! I think that would make mom happy. She is getting kind of cranky but don't tell her I said so. Right now I am not feeling so well. I got a little cold yesterday and can't breathe very well. My eyes are real watery and I got a little fever. But I think it is good that I have this now rather than next week when I am supposed to have surgery. God is gonna take care of me, for sure. He makes everything okay!"

~Presley B~


The Writer Chic said...

Pretty sure that is the most adorable post I've read in a sweet forever.

Praying and loving always.

Karen Shelnutt said...


Presley is such a creative writer!!! She must get that from her mom. What heart touching words. I am praying for you all today and always.

Great Aunt Karen and Aunt Karen and Karen