Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

Today has been a blessed and stressed day. The good news is whatever today brings the Lord has brought us to it and He is healing her minute by minute.

The Good...Presley was taken off the breathing tube early this morning. She did just fine afterwards. PTL!!!

The sweetie lost the keys to our car and I lost my purse. We did find out that someone turned out keys into the police department. And we found my purse in the cafeteria where it stayed for 2 hours! Ahh, good times!

The Ugly...Presley is in quite a bit of pain today. She was very fussy this morning when I first saw her. They then tried feeding her some Pedialyte and she got choked on that. She lost a lot of coloring and got very still. Since then she has been working very hard to breathe on her own. She is on some oxygen and maintaining where she should be. She has moved to a different area of the PCICU where she and another baby are monitored by one nurse. She is quite puffy from all the fluids. They are giving her a lot of medicine to reduce the fluid. She will most likely be in the PCICU again tonight. She is opening her eyes to see us just a little bit. That helps me more than anything. But I hate to see her hurt.

I will post as I can. But I anticipate less "bad" and more "good" from here on out.


Angela said...

So glad the breathing tube is gone!! And yay that you found the things that were lost!

Did you find the "good" cafeteria?

What PCICU room are you in? Are you on the yellow side? (I think that's the one on the far right...) Benjamin was in the next-to-last room on the right on that far right side. I can remember it like it was yesterday!!!

Our best nurse was Bonnie. She was blonde and SO nice. She was a night nurse. Hope you get some good ones!!

Anonymous said...

Great Aunt Karen is keeping up through the blog and talking Sister Susan and thinking and praying for you all the time.



The Blatchford Family said...

So glad she is recovering well. I am so sorry she is hurting, that must be very hard to see. Keep strong! Hugs!

The Writer Chic said...

Nothin' a little TLC and Gigi's can't fix. Love you, girlie.