Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

*SIGH* Great, big, long sigh! We made it!

We survived:
Day 1...6 hours of pre op
Day 2...8:00 a.m. surgery
Day 3...retaining fluid/drainage of fluid
Day 4...still retaining fluid
Day 5...rapid heart rate/missing heart beat/turning disturbing purple/low electrolytes
Day 6...taking out the chest tubes/could move upstairs
Day 7...could move upstairs/still improving
Day 8...move upstairs
Day 9...remove drainage tube
Day 10...fever
Day 11...fever
Day fever/waiting on cultures
Day fever/cultures negative/GO HOME!!!

Yep, we survived all that!!! And we are home. And we are excited! And I am overwhelmed already. There are clothes to be washed and put away and there are dishes to be washed and put away and there are suitcases to unpack. And you probably don't want to hear my to do list being that you have one of your own, I am sure.

So, I just wanted to let you know that we made it home. Presley is sound asleep in her own bed (on her stomach of course) and I will be following her shortly!


The Writer Chic said...

Two words for you, baby girl. Whoo. Hoo.

Okay, two more: Miss you. =)

Angela said...


Sorry you had so many complications. She'll honestly probably bounce right back like Benjamin did!

Did they tell you how long before you could pick her up under her arms? Dr. Christian told us two months. Ugh. It was so inconvenient!! But well worth it that his little heart was fixed. I remember the day that we could finally pick him up under his arms again, my husband held him up in the air like Simba the Lion on Lion King! LOL

Karen Shelnutt said...


Aunt Karen